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At The Southern Letterpress , we offer letterpress printing and design services. Through public events and workshops, we educate about the art and history of letterpress printing with the goal of making letterpress printing accessible and affordable to the Southeastern United States. We have studios in St Pete, Florida and New Orleans, Louisiana.

IMG_1652We provide an array of printing options from handset metal and wood type, in-house photo polymer plates technology, and hand-carved lino blocks. Please contact us for an estimate for your project!

Why Letterpress?
IMG_0285The quality of exquisite, handmade letterpress products is vital to us and our clients. We believe in the power of finely crafted products. As a small studio, we have the ability to work closely with our clients to create products with lots of personality and lasting significance. We print everything by hand using archival paper, movable type and printing plates.

Our cards, stationery, hand-crafted and custom prints are used as art and affirmation. Our cards are tacked to walls, placed in frames, hung on bulletin boards, and savoured by recipients for years.

Why Southern?
Paper & Pints March 2016
The Southern Letterpress embraces the unique culture of the Southeast. Our focus on local art and culture is evident in our work. We engage with our communities through events, workshops, and sharing space and resources. We gain inspiration from the breezy Gulf Coast, decadent music festivals and impromptu second lines, basking in the rich summer heat, and the folklore of the South.

We have been printing across the Southeast since 2006. We have spread our love of the craft of letterpress in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana. We have over 20 years experience producing and teaching about letterpress printing, typography, design, and book arts.

The Southern Letterpress is composed of two separate women-owned businesses. Jessica Peterson operates the New Orleans press and Bridget Elmer operates the Gulfport, FL press. Our companies share resources and support each other.

The Southern Letterpress opened on Labor Day 2011 in Columbus, Mississippi, in the front office of one of the last locally-printed newspapers in the country, The Columbus Dispatch. In 1840, a newspaper called The Southern published at this very location, and we chose to align ourselves with the storied history of printing in the south by naming our press The Southern Letterpress.

Jessica Peterson and Bridget Elmer met in 2007 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama while studying at the Masters in Fine Arts in the Book Arts Program at The University of Alabama, where we had both enrolled to expand on our individual backgrounds in graphic design and book studies. We both produce limited editions from our own small press imprints. For more about our individual work, check out our respective websites:


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